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  • Who am I?
    A "semi-retired" Finance Professional, now a SAHM, located in Singapore.
  • Why greeting cards?
    Been crazy over paper since young and enjoy making cards for people for no apparent reason, just to show they are remembered and are important enough to be thought of.
  • Isn't traditional greeting card a dying thing?
    No. It is still a much celebrated tradition. Click here for more information. In fact, its a $7B industry in retail sales in US alone.


  • Locally in Singapore
    Ready made cards - Flat rate of S$1.00 for any quantity purchased + optional of S$2.50 for registered mail.
    Personalized cards - Actual postage will be charged subjected to minimum of S$1.00.
  • Malaysia & Brunei
    Ready made cards & Personalized cards - S$1.00 for the 1st card and S$0.50 for each subsequent cards.
  • International Postage
    Ready made cards - S$2.00 for the 1st card and S$0.70 each for each subsequent cards.
  • FREE SHIPPING (For Singapore Orders Only) when you join Totally Scrapalicious Handmade Card Facebook Group

    Personalized cards - Please tag me at my shoutbox or for shipping charges as the charges may be different due to the heavier embellishment used on the cards.


  • Locally in Singapore
    Bank transfer to DBS Savings (Account details provided after confirmation of order)
  • International
    available and subject to additional 3.4% + S$0.50 (paypal charges).

  • For one card,
    At least 3 weeks' notice.
  • More than one card and maximum of 10 cards per order,
    At least 1 month as these cards are not mass produced, each card is individually hand crafted and takes time to complete. Would appreciate an even longer time so that gives me more time to communicate with you on the design and even giving you a draft to preview.
  • More than 10 cards per order,
    Please allow at least 2 months. Each card is painstakingly made and on average, I make about 3 cards per week due to my tight schedule.
  • For glue, paper and embellishment, all materials are acid free*, so it shouldn't turn yellow even if it's kept for years. For cardstock, they are all heavy cardstock, acid* and lignin free*.
  • There is a premium fee charged for each card for rush orders, ranging from additional 10%-25% depending on complexity of the card. This is to cater for the necessity to rush down to scrapbooking stores to get required materials to be used as well as other last minute costs incurred. And mainly...to stay up the night to get it done.
  • Just with details such as occasion, color theme, a little more about the recipient and I will do my best to provide draft and suggestion on how I can help with making a card that is definitely a "keep-sake".
  • Full payment will be required before I proceed with making of the card.

  • Single Fold cards are usually priced between SGD 6.90 to SGD 9.90, depending on the complexity and materials/embellishment used.
  • Pull out / Matchstick cards are usually priced between SGD 8.90 to SGD 13.90, depending on the complexity and how the pull out card is made. An envelope will also be included although pull-out cards can just be given to the recipient as it is.
  • Accordion cards are usually priced between SGD 13.90 - 18.90, depending on how many facing pages required. It is effectively many greeting cards into one. Photos can also be included in the card for additional SGD 1.00 per photo. As Accordion card is usually heavier than the usual greeting card, as such, I strongly recommend sender to check with their local postal services on the postage charges.

  • For ready-made cards, just with the card code.
  • Confirmation on availability will be sent out within 48 hours.
  • Reservation of cards up to 5 working days.
  • Upon receipt of payment, "goodies" will be mailed out.

  • How are they packed?
    Each card is wrapped individually in a cellophane bag.
  • Messages in the card?
    Most cards are BLANK INSIDE unless otherwise stated. Some cards offer optional messages to be handstamped and embossed in the card.
  • Envelope included?
    Each card comes with an envelope, with the exception of some of my "special cards" that comes with a envelope pocket or accordion cards. Some cards with a special seal like this means that the envelope is embellished to match the card and it won't be published as it's meant to be a "surprise" for the buyer as well.
  • How do I check status of my order?
    Click on { ORDER STATUS } as I will update the progress of pending orders. You may also simply drop me a message at the public tagboard on the left panel or email me.
  • Responsibility of lost mail?
    Scrapadoo takes no responsibility for lost mail once it leaves my humble workshop. For Singapore orders, registered mail is highly recommended to ensure safe arrival. For international orders, insured articles can be expensive but so far, it's been 100% delivered for my international orders using normal airmail.
  • Scrapadoo strictly adhere to "No return or exchange" policy.
  • I strongly recommend checking your local postal services on postal charges when you mail out the handmade cards. As some of the cards come with more embellishment, it may be heavier, especially if it's accordion cards, pull out cards, etc. Some postal services are particular about sending non-paper materials in normal surface mail.
  • For other matters not addressed here, just leave me a message at the public tagbox on the left or .

  • Click here for details. (Update : tentatively not conducting any class until further notice)

* Explanation of Acid and Lignin Free products
  • Lignin is a chemical substance found in wood that bonds (glues) cellulose, making wood stronger; paper without lignin is not as strong. However, lignin breaks down over time, turning the paper brown and releasing acids.
  • Acid: Acids actually can make paper better for writing or printing, but they gradually deteriorate or disintegrate paper -- whether used in the paper-making process, leached from other materials, or released during the breakdown of lignin. Over time, acidic paper becomes brittle.

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